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….3,….2,….1 We Have Lift-Off

Earlier today Charlie Kimball joined the IndyCar “Mile High Club”. The aerodynamicists at Chevy and Honda have had almost 3 months to figure out how to keep these cars from flying. Obviously the “band-aid” approach hasn’t worked. They won’t get serious about this until a driver gets killed or maimed for fear of alienating the ghouls who think crashing is the best part of racing. Too much downforce = too much lift when reversed. Take away 25% of the downforce, give them 1000 bhp and put the racing back in the hands of the drivers. You would see higher speeds in the straights and lower speeds in the corners – and better racing.



Edsel Ford II quashed the rumor of Ford’s return to IndyCar in no uncertain terms in a recent interview. ┬áHe indicated that empty grandstands show that there is a lack of value for corporate support of the series.

No one watching on TV either! Ford has good management – that’s why they were the only US based manufacturer not to go on corporate welfare. IndyCar has followed suit accepting and courting taxpayer funds to prop up profits. Until IndyCar management is decentralized and the myopic focus on IMS is eliminated the series will continue to limp along.