Monthly Archives: April 2014

Wet Home Alabama

If IndyCar management had any brains at all they would either refund ticket money or give every ticket holder free tickets for next year. No one can control the weather but it can be managed. There were more people waiting for buses in Montgomery AL than watching the TV anyway so why not give the paying fans a green finish. I’m no fan of G-W-C but this one could have been red flagged and the fans given a 5 lap green finish. IndyCar has an uncanny ability to take a bad situation and turn it into a disaster. Until they look at the big picture and support the series without a myopic focus on Indy the death spiral will continue. Please someone start a competing open wheel series.



Helio has been placed on probation by IndyCar for being a bad boy on social media.  I f he is not really careful he might be placed on Double Secret Probation by Dean Wormer. Can you imagine USAC trying to muzzle AJ, or Mario, or Ziggy, or the Unsers? IndyCar is so disengaged from racing that it doesn’t understand that race fans (as opposed to this current breed of followers who are more concerned about the pre-race concert than the race) want the cars to be competitive and drivers to be human. When the current aging class of drivers like Helio and Tony finally retire we will be left with these cardboard cut-out rock star wannabes like Grahammy, and Hinch. I really doubt that IndyCar in it’s current form can survive its current management. The only hope for American open wheel racing lies in an alternative series which with any luck will be formed in the near future.


IMS and IndyCar announced further changes to qualification procedures for the 2014 Indy 500. I have an idea, how about we start on Saturday and qualify. Each car gets 3 attempts but only one 4 lap official time. If you want to requalify and you’re already in you have to withdraw that car and qualify a different car. This continues on Sunday and then the next Saturday and Sunday until the field is full. Then you start bumping. This would really be great if you had a whole lot of cars trying to qualify but since you barely have 30 cars I guess this would be kind of boring. But having so few cars, which are all basically identical anyway; and you have to recycle drivers from the past who can’t even get NASCAR Natiowide rides it’s all going to be pretty boring no matter how hard you try. Will the last IndyCar driver at IMS please turn out the lights when leaving the Speedway.