It has been reported that the rocker arm that failed causing James Hinchcliffe’s near fatal crash at Indy was manufactured in November 2011 and had 14,000 miles on it.  In addition it was not even the current beefed-up iteration.  Usually parts get upgraded by the manufacturer because there is a question about them. Did Dallara or IndyCar advise the teams of any concerns?  From the manufacture date and the mileage (which I personally find incredible) it was the original part that was delivered with the original car 3+ seasons ago.  I’m sure there are numerous “show cars” that have rocker arms with less mileage than this one.  I cannot conceive of putting a driver in a car at a high speed oval with a single nut or bolt, much less a suspension part, with that kind of use and not meeting current spec. How many times has that part been stressed in 3 full seasons of racing.  When was it last off the car? When was it last properly inspected?  I don’t know how much it costs but probably not much more than a wrap and I’m sure that that car has been wrapped many times in the last 3 years.  If a team’s budget is so small that it can’t afford replacement of basic suspension components it shouldn’t be competing at this level. If IndyCar is so dedicated to safety why aren’t they policing this more carefully.


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