Details of earlier announcement of the withdrawal of National Guard sponsorship include some very serious implications. Information released by the Guard at least implies that motorsports is not an effective advertising medium. The real impact of this is that losing a sponsor is one thing but losing a sponsor because the sponsor has data that shows that it’s advertising dollars were totally ineffective is quite another thing. Will there be collateral damage? Will other current sponsors or potential sponsors be swayed by these statistics? Priority one has to be getting butts back in the seats and in front of the TVs not short term profitability.


2 thoughts on “COLLATERAL DAMAGE

  1. motorsportnotes

    Absolutely spot on. Worrying but the team(s) were naive if they were offering direct customer conversions in the first place. Beyond building brand awareness and affinity, it is a real push to achieve those kinds of direct results unless it is an automotive-related brand.

  2. WingSideUp

    I’m in agreement with MotorsportsNotes comment. Especially for National Guard or other armed services since the auto racing demographic for age certainly doesn’t match what we need for servicemen.


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