A good race but hardly one for the ages. SFR needs an exorcist, I don’t know who’s fault that was!!! Newgarden needs to do some real soul searching, notwithstanding the penalty he put Kanaan in the toolies for absolutely no reason in the first corner. He has the raw skills but he’s brainless. That was OK when he was a rookie but it’s time to grow up.

Dixon did a great job extending a lead while saving fuel, once again the fastest car did not win the race – the computer on the pit box did. Just once more I’d like to see a “balls to the wall” race where fuel mileage, pit speed limits, computers, race control or lighting bolts did not determine the results.

Unless they put a “Silver Crown” race at DuQuoin in the schedule that will never happen.



  1. WingSideUp

    I agree I don’t like fuel strategy races, but at the same time, man can Dixie get it done or what? He must be as smooth as Mel Kenyon on the throttle to be able to save that much fuel. The strategy of that team worked and that’s kinda cool I think. No matter how you slice it, last to first is pretty awesome at this track.

    As far as Josef? As much as I like TK, I think TK stepped on TK’s you know what, but basically just hard racing. As far as Josef and SFH? Man THAT was a cracking under pressure don’t you think? Josef did a good job post race containing his emotions and being supportive of the team. I don’t think I could have been that nice. The team cost him that race. Reminded me of Carpenter’s pit issues….all the time!

    All in all, IMO, not a horrible show and a nice break from the street courses and a good way to spend a Sunday kickin’ it with friends! Oh and champ cars at DuQuoin-if they schedule it I’m goin’!

  2. throughthecatchfence Post author

    Thanks for the comments. No doubt about Dixon’s ability. I just prefer to see him, and the rest of the field, I an all out fight. As far as SFHR I think they could really benefit with a veteran driver who would not be reluctant to call out the team when necessary. Newgarden makes too many mistakes himself to start casting blame on the team. They obviously have management problems. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to practice pit stops.

    If IndyCar wants to add some excitement to the series add a points paying “Silver Crown” races at the Indy Fairgrounds in May and one at DuQuion in September.


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