Monday July 21, 2014, USA Today Mobile edition, Sports Section, only reference to Indy Car racing is article about death of James Garner. There are articles about the Tour de France and the Boston Marathon but absolutely no reference to the 2 IndyCar races in Toronto. I will not comment on the races because I do not watch street races. Having watched the highlights it appears that there was a good deal of crashing. If you can’t be good be spectacular. I wonder if the TV rating were even in the measurable range?


One thought on “SIGN OF THE TIMES?

  1. WingSideUp

    Interesting note. Our local paper that now only comes out twice a week and on Sunday actually had AP articles on F1 AND Indycar races from the weekend and nothing from NASCAR or local tracks. About fell out of the chair. It was an odd weekend to be sure. In the end if you don’t have, or are not cultivating good relationships with local writers, you simply aren’t going to get the press whether you are a local short track or a national major sanction.


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