I agree with Paul Tracy’s assessment that the series needs marketing and promotion. I do not agree with him on the quality of the “product”. I believe the reason the core fan base left and hasn’t returned falls squarely on the poor quality of the “product”. The cars are spec, ugly and slow; and we’re stuck with them for years to come. The new lights car is a much better design. Car counts are miserable. Why would anyone pay good money to see 21 cars get lost on a 2.5 mile speedway? They never should have shown that snippet from the 84 race during the broadcast, it just emphasized the smallness of the field. The drivers, for the most part are corporate robot, rock star wannabes. All you have to do is follow them on Twitter and see their obsession with $200k supercars, $10k watches $1k headphones. This is a complete disconnect with the fans who are trying to figure out how their going to pay for gas to get to a track. The ownership/management is directly aligned with IMS. Their position is that the series exists solely for the purpose of supporting the Speedway and the other races are unimportant. Officiating is inconsistent and arbitrary.

Unless there is a complete paradigm shift the IndyCar series will continue its death spiral.


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