Racing: B+ the tire degradation at least forced the drivers to actually drive the cars. I don’t know why Firestone is trying to emulate Pirelli in F1 unless IndyCar is insisting on inconsistent tires to stir up the pot.

Drivers:B. with the exception of Power, Newgarden and Bourdais everyone did a pretty good job. Power needs a nickname and I nominate “Scarecrow” (“If I only had a brain”). Newgarden once again underachieved. I couldn’t tell from the broadcast whether the pit crew let him down but finishing a lap down with a front row car is a definite disappointment. Apparently Bourdais needs to have his prescription ground into his mirrors.

Officiating: incomplete – at least they stayed out of it during the race. They could hardly ignore Power’s brain fade 100mph pit entry. As usual there was post race enforcement of the “IndyCar Big Book Magic Spells”.

Broadcast: D- (because I never give an F): Technical glitches, numerous missed hand-offs and the usual pit lane inanities and interviews when things are actually happening on the track. Next year guys leave the guns at home!

The Cars: F (as always, and because there is always an exception to the rules): When will the racing gods free us from these ugly ass spec racers.

The Crowd: C- looked a little slim for Texas, probably smaller than the Truck race – haven’t seen TV rating but I’d bet they were not good.


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