Helio has been placed on probation by IndyCar for being a bad boy on social media.  I f he is not really careful he might be placed on Double Secret Probation by Dean Wormer. Can you imagine USAC trying to muzzle AJ, or Mario, or Ziggy, or the Unsers? IndyCar is so disengaged from racing that it doesn’t understand that race fans (as opposed to this current breed of followers who are more concerned about the pre-race concert than the race) want the cars to be competitive and drivers to be human. When the current aging class of drivers like Helio and Tony finally retire we will be left with these cardboard cut-out rock star wannabes like Grahammy, and Hinch. I really doubt that IndyCar in it’s current form can survive its current management. The only hope for American open wheel racing lies in an alternative series which with any luck will be formed in the near future.


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