IMS and IndyCar announced further changes to qualification procedures for the 2014 Indy 500. I have an idea, how about we start on Saturday and qualify. Each car gets 3 attempts but only one 4 lap official time. If you want to requalify and you’re already in you have to withdraw that car and qualify a different car. This continues on Sunday and then the next Saturday and Sunday until the field is full. Then you start bumping. This would really be great if you had a whole lot of cars trying to qualify but since you barely have 30 cars I guess this would be kind of boring. But having so few cars, which are all basically identical anyway; and you have to recycle drivers from the past who can’t even get NASCAR Natiowide rides it’s all going to be pretty boring no matter how hard you try. Will the last IndyCar driver at IMS please turn out the lights when leaving the Speedway.


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